24. Sep 2017
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Newsletter Septembre 2017

Latest events at Balashram, recent relief and support provided during natural catastrophes

Dear Friends of Hand in Hand!

We are pleased to bring you some news on the latest events at Balashram, and on the recent relief and support provided during natural catastrophes. We would also like to update you on the Health Care Project, which includes homeopathic treatments.

In June, the new school year started at the Balashram, and we have welcomed at our Kindergarten, 40 new children from the poorest backgrounds.

Equipped with a personal tooth brush, new clothes and a fellow student from a higher class acting as a guide, the little ones started their new life at Balashram. Despite the joy and excitement of the new, wonderful environment, and the opportunity to have three meals a day, still some little tears were flowing because of the adjustment to the new life. For the 3-4 year olds, it is not easy. However, the children quickly adapted to the new, daily routine and now enjoy, with much laughter, the time spent with their playmates and the love they receive from the carers.

The advanced construction works on the expansion of the school building will allow further educationDisaster relief:

Due to heavy rainfalls in July, severe flooding occurred in many parts of India, including Odisha. In many districts, bridges, roads and entire villages have been destroyed by floods and landslides. More than 10,000 people lost their homes and all belongings. Our partner organisation in India, Prajnana Mission, provided, with the help of many volunteers, rescue and relief projects in a district near Puri/Odisha. It included taking responsibility for, and assisting residents of an entire street, where most houses had been completely destroyed and the more solidly built ones, severely damaged. From the catastrophes fund, 5000 EUR were sent as emergency relief and aid.

Health Care Project:

Already in 2012, Hand in Hand Europe had taken the decision to finance the Village Health Project at Athagarh/Odishaincrease from 460 to 960 people monthly who have been using homeopathic treatments, over the past four and a half years. Up to now, the consultations were held in the cow shed where a partition provided some privacy. Due to hygienic reasons and because of the increasing number of patients, it is now necessary to create adequate premises where homeopathic remedies can be prepared and dispensed. The plan is to construct a small building of 75 sq m, with two consultation rooms and a dispensary, for a total cost of 1.120,000 INR (15,500 EUR). Construction starts in September 2017 and should be finished by June 2018.

We thank you for your interest and help!

Please, stay with us and kindly continue supporting these precious and future-oriented projects with your donations!

Your contribution makes a difference.

A heart-felt thank you!

Peter van Breukelen (President of Hand in Hand)

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Newsletter Septembre 2017

Latest events at Balashram, recent relief and support provided during natural catastrophes[more]

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