On 1st April 2016 the new school year started at Balashram and, on 2nd May 2016, a small welcome party was organised for the new children joining the nursery. The newcomers received some chocolate and were greeted personally by each pupil.

As already anticipated in the previous newsletter, all class X pupils successfully completed their final exams. Thanks to their good exam results, they have gained access to different colleges and institutions of higher education for vocational training. Pupils chose between the subjects of science, humanities and arts studies, economics, mechatronics, tool design and construction, and the music academy.

This year the Balashram School has applied to the Indian authorities for permission to extend, in the future, the continuing education to include class levels XI and XII.

At present, new school rooms are being added to the old school building which will allow Balashram to offer its own school graduates a continuing higher education, starting from next year.

With the scope of developing the organisation, many teachers have received schooling from Human Resources Trainers. The main focus of this advanced training was on conveying values to the children. Starting from class V and VI, children will not only be given theoretical knowledge but they shall also learn about life and personal values, and responsible living.

As is common in India, the time between April and August was filled with festivities and celebrations, which always offer colourful changes during the year, whilst also providing an opportunity for the children to get in touch with and collectively deal with important subjects.

Among these was the celebration of the “Technology Day”, the “International Yoga Day” and the discussion on the negative effects of tobacco on the occasion of the “World No Tobacco Day”.

On 12th July, the children participated in a campaign aimed at raising awareness on the dangers of malaria. Among other things, they learned about preventive measures against this deadly disease.
A week later there was an event on child labour, which is still an issue in certain rural areas, although in India children under the age of 14 are not allowed to work. Many among the older children went with their teachers to the surrounding villages to sensitise people on this subject.
Some pupils participated also at events outside the school: three of them received the black belt after participating at a Taekwondo competition; five pupils took part in an art competition and won several prizes (on 15 July) for their chosen drawings/paintings.
Your generous donations were also used effectively in the health sector, namely for the 3 Health Centres which allowed 86,536 patients to be treated for free in 2015. A total of 705,671 patients have received help and assistance since its opening 16 years ago. Due to lack of medical assistance in their areas, many sick people have to travel up to 70 km to reach our health centres.

There are new important activities in the Hariharananda Charitable Health Center, Jagatpur:

      • New ways of treatments are on offer for root canals, dental reconstruction with crowns, in ENT treatments (Ear, Nose, Throat), in urology; inhaler devices for children with asthma are now available as well
      • Specific programs are on offer during the year on the early detection of diabetes and on 
metabolic alterations
      • New awareness training on foot ulcers for those with diabetes

Please continue your support to these projects 
in order to maintain this positive development!

A heartfelt „ Thank you“!

Peter van Breukelen (President of Hand in Hand)

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2017 is also a year of expansion and extension of the many constructions works going on at Balashram, our Residential School in India. We would like to offer you an insight into the different projects:
In our last newsletter we reported on the expansion of the Balashram School, necessary to enable a substantially cheaper future schooling for classes 11 and 12.
The Balashram childrenThe new wing, which is attached to the old school building, is almost completed. It will enable Balashram to offer its graduates, who specialize in natural sciences and economics, additional schooling.

The construction of the building alone is not sufficient though: additionally, furnishing to host 80 people in the dormitory is required, as well as living quarters and accommodation for the teachers and their families. Moreover, the appliances in the classrooms necessary for science and technical-oriented studies, is quite expensive. New microscopes and a variety of laboratory equipment also represent a substantial cost factor.

We are pleased to report also on the ongoing and future planned ecological building projects:
- With a sustainable approach to the environment in mind, a water recycling plant is planned for 2017. This means that the school’s waste water can be purified and re-used for the toilets, and for watering the garden.

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- The new kitchen will be equipped with a bio gas installation to replace the present use of firewood, to cook for 600 people. The use of cow dung, to fuel the bio gas installation, will not only reduce the overall costs but will, at the same time, substantially contribute to a cleaner environment and not harm nature.
- The kitchen will have a steam cooking installation, fuelled by bio gas. This will enable the preparation of healthier and natural food that will retain its vital ingredients, which otherwise would be lost if cooked and boiled in water. A solar water heater will be part of the kitchen equipment as well.
- Both in the quarters and in the cow shed, new facilities to catch rain water to be re-used, are being installed. Together with the waste water treatment, the usage of groundwater can be, therefore, reduced substantially. Many people, who live in the surrounding areas of Balashram, are dependent on the groundwater. For this reason, we will be very careful to use these resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.

In February, the new Balashram Health Centre for our children, as well as for the people living in the surrounding areas, was inaugurated.  Twice a week, people who cannot afford to see a doctor, are receiving free medical care at our Health Centre, whilst a dentist is available twice a month.
Thanks to your donations to Hand in Hand, we were able to buy a much needed blood analyzer (5000 EUR) for our Jagatpur Health Centre. However this year, we still need an electrolyte analyzer, as well as all the basic equipment for physiotherapy.
As you can see, there are many new and much needed projects in 2017, for which the estimated budget is ca. 450.000,- €.

Please continue supporting us in these valuable and forward-looking projects 
with your generous donations!
Your contribution makes a difference.

A heartfelt „Thank You“!


Peter van Breukelen (Präsident von Hand in Hand)

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After ten years we have now reached that moment: 39 pupils of the final Year 10-class are about to complete their statutory education at the Balashram Residential School in India. The pupils find themselves at an important junction in their lives in regards to their choices of work and/or studies. All these youngsters were rescued from lives of extreme poverty and given a promising place to stay at Balashram.

With the assistance of HAND IN HAND, these young people were given the opportunity to receive and complete their education in a supporting and encouraging environment.

For each young person, definite plans for the future have been made via a multi-stage process. Foremost the psychological tests: Interests and aptitudes were equally evaluated together with the academic skills.

In a second phase, all the results and the pupils’ areas of interest were discussed together with the teachers. Based on both tests and the subsequent interviews, it was possible to complete an initial, realistic assessment on each pupil’s future life-plan.

„ A pupil of the 10th and final year greets the youngest“

During the last stage of the process, all results were discussed with the parents and/or the legal representatives. The collaborators of our partner organisation, Prajnana Mission, have the task of creating a schooling basis and also give support to pupils in Year 10 in their decision-making about the future. Ultimately, the parents or the legal representatives are responsible for the minors.

During the consultations with the pupils, it was important to evaluate realistically, their expectations and desires. This included a clear assessment of future working opportunities once vocational training and education are completed. A suitable training place has to be found, and Odisha seems the most privileged due to its location in proximity of Prajnana Mission. It is equally important to find suitable accommodation next to the education centre, for instance in hostels. The young students will also need to be followed and supported by local mentors. Should there be the opportunity to work while studying, then this should be taken advantage of. Please turn over!

While making plans for the future, the „Chrysalis“ project started as well.

Chrysalis stems from the Greek word „chrysos“, meaning „gold“. Chrysalis refers to the golden pupa which will transform into a butterfly. This special project, initiated by Prajnana Mission, has the scope to offer Balashram graduates with their individual, different requirements, the best possible support. The following is planned: a database of all suitable educational institutions; a brochure on fundraising; ways to identify target groups in India who could support these young people in their further education; establish links and connections with companies in order to find employment opportunities for those who do not wish to continue their studies.

All 39 pupils have participated, in March this year, at the „board examination“ - a central and final end of school examination, which is carried out nationwide. The results of these final examinations are crucial for the admittance to secondary schools/colleges and universities. The results are expected by the end of May. During the past months, all pupils had been prepared for these examinations and additional classes were offered on Sundays and during holidays. 
For the continuing education and the vocational promotion, additional financial means are needed.

„Graduation ceremony of the 10th class on 29th March 2016“

Without your support, carrying out these plans, would just remain theory.

Your kindness and your compassion are the driving force and the moving spirit behind these successful ventures. Please continue your support to the Balashram children and youngsters and to the many people in need in India.

A warm heartfelt "Thank You"!


Peter van Breukelen (Präsident von Hand in Hand)

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