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A life of dignity belongs to every human being. We want the opportunity to be there.

During their time at school, very often one can see where the different and unique talents displayed by the children, could lead them in their future professional and working life. Balashram also facilitates the training of their nume- rous skills which could be useful at a later stage in both their personal and professional lives. For example, similar to home economics courses, the girls at Balashram learn the art of cooking. It is also useful to be able to repair a bicycle: the 14-16 year old boys are highly motivated during these handicraft classes. Another traditional Indian craft reserved for men, is the art of hair cutting and shaving, where the school mates pose as models.

Both boys and girls can attend an elementary class to beco- me a tailor or tailoress. Classes for learning computer text processing are highly valued by the students. Finally, the children can also learn how to create, from cow dung, products like fertilizers, soaps and disinfectants. Our Balashram children appreciate the fact that they are gi- ven the opportunity to learn and that their individual skills and abilities are stimulated and facilitated.

Because not every child is meant to pursue an academic career, we make sure that each child can develop and grow according to his/her own individual abilities and potential, in order to be well prepared for adult life.

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Project Chrysalis

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Health Projects

We offer free medical support, ...which destitute people would not be able to afford otherwise.

Emergency Aid

Being on the spot, to explore, evaluate and act. Cyclones, drought, famine...

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