Joy-Concerts - with Jadoo Ananda 6. Nov 2021

joy concerts - jadoo anandaLivestream Charity Concert 

Spirit Music with Jadoo Ananda
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„To find one’s own happiness in providing for the happiness of others! Whoever displays this healthy egoism, will easily be happy himself” (Gustav Freytag, German author)

This applies to our partner and supporters of “Hand in Hand” because their service and dedication brings joy and happiness to themselves and others. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following private individuals, enterprises and organisations for their support:


Hand in Hand is happy to introduce the website of our school project Hariharananda Balashram

Hand in Hand wishes to thank the company Dirk Denzer Performing Arts and the Internationalen Varietefestival for the immense support they have given us.

Hand in Hand would like to thank the pupils of

Aktionsgemeinschaft für Entwicklung und Frieden (Action Group for Development and Peace)

at the Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium in Westerburg, Germany.

Hand in Hand is grateful to the Folklore-Tanzkreis Schmelz (The Schmelz Folklore and Dance Group) for their generous support.

Hand in Hand would like to thank the company World4You for the internet presentation and email support

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