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2017 is also a year of expansion and extension of the many constructions works going on at Balashram, our Residential School in India. We would like to offer you an insight into the different projects:
In our last newsletter we reported on the expansion of the Balashram School, necessary to enable a substantially cheaper future schooling for classes 11 and 12.
The Balashram childrenThe new wing, which is attached to the old school building, is almost completed. It will enable Balashram to offer its graduates, who specialize in natural sciences and economics, additional schooling.

The construction of the building alone is not sufficient though: additionally, furnishing to host 80 people in the dormitory is required, as well as living quarters and accommodation for the teachers and their families. Moreover, the appliances in the classrooms necessary for science and technical-oriented studies, is quite expensive. New microscopes and a variety of laboratory equipment also represent a substantial cost factor.

We are pleased to report also on the ongoing and future planned ecological building projects:
- With a sustainable approach to the environment in mind, a water recycling plant is planned for 2017. This means that the school’s waste water can be purified and re-used for the toilets, and for watering the garden.

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- The new kitchen will be equipped with a bio gas installation to replace the present use of firewood, to cook for 600 people. The use of cow dung, to fuel the bio gas installation, will not only reduce the overall costs but will, at the same time, substantially contribute to a cleaner environment and not harm nature.
- The kitchen will have a steam cooking installation, fuelled by bio gas. This will enable the preparation of healthier and natural food that will retain its vital ingredients, which otherwise would be lost if cooked and boiled in water. A solar water heater will be part of the kitchen equipment as well.
- Both in the quarters and in the cow shed, new facilities to catch rain water to be re-used, are being installed. Together with the waste water treatment, the usage of groundwater can be, therefore, reduced substantially. Many people, who live in the surrounding areas of Balashram, are dependent on the groundwater. For this reason, we will be very careful to use these resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.

In February, the new Balashram Health Centre for our children, as well as for the people living in the surrounding areas, was inaugurated.  Twice a week, people who cannot afford to see a doctor, are receiving free medical care at our Health Centre, whilst a dentist is available twice a month.
Thanks to your donations to Hand in Hand, we were able to buy a much needed blood analyzer (5000 EUR) for our Jagatpur Health Centre. However this year, we still need an electrolyte analyzer, as well as all the basic equipment for physiotherapy.
As you can see, there are many new and much needed projects in 2017, for which the estimated budget is ca. 450.000,- €.

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Hand in Hand - film english